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Frequently asked questions

Versatile Woman Mindset coaching is for the woman that is looking for clarity in her life. God has graced her with many daily callings and she just doesn’t know how to juggle it all especially because she struggles with the battles in her mind. 

Here at Versatile Woman: 

Our sessions will get you off on the right foot and encourage you to grow further in your walk with Jesus. After we will continue working towards building your belief in who God says you are– we will do that solely through His word and initially asking challenging questions. 

Mindset Coaching helps you to adapt to whatever changes are stirring in your life now. Coaching enables you to be self aware so that you can grow & evolve in powerful ways rooted in Christ. 

Hey There Versatile Woman!  My Name is Ashley George. God has graced me to be a co-creator, mother, wife, coach, and entrepreneur. Have you ever felt that insecurity, fearful, or even doubtful within yourself in maybe just being able to handle all of those? if not other titles? maybe even just life! I used to care soo much what others thought about me and didn’t think I was enough. 

You are in the right place at the right time! and I am so grateful that God crossed our paths. I used to struggle with just even knowing who I am yet alone having those other titles in my life and how to carry them. I know how it feels to feel insecure, lack clarity on who I am and even feel overwhelmed by every day life. I coach women (like you!) to successfully navigate tough transitions, live out your priorities, and align your life with your God-given Identity. Through our work together, you’ll be able to break through fear,  doubt, and discouragement so that you can live a more joy-filled & intentional life.

You may be feeling overwhelmed by all that life is throwing your way. Maybe you’re craving an intentional life, aligned to your priorities. You are ready to get unstuck, stop doubting yourself,  and are seeking clarity on how to best move forward. You want to live you life in a way that is full of confidence and purposeful that has meaning.


If this sounds like you… you’re in the right place.

There are endless possibilities that will come from coaching:


  • A new and fresh confidence rooted perspective in God– Finally believe what God says about you
  • a stronger relationship with God even experiencing Him like never before
  • Mental breakthroughs allowing you to no longer care what others think in a way that stops you from fully being you and doing what you have been called to do
  • Live with genuine joy

and soo much more! We will kick off with a one on one catapult session and then from there we will customize a coaching package just for you! 

That’s a good question and here is the best way to differentiate: 

Counseling looks backwards- it’s focused on the past and on healing  all traumas to get you to an emotionally healthy state. Coaching is future focused & action oriented. We look inward for answers while looking forward towards future possibilities and create and implement next steps.