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Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Ashley George Founder of Versatile Woman. I was born and raised in Chicago,IL. I’m 26 years young (birthday coming soon woot woot). I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Dance Performance. God has graced me to be a co-creator, wife, mother, identity coach, and entrepreneur. Growing up, I had this dis ease about a woman’s role in life and marriage. I just felt super uncomfortable with the idea “having to prepare for my husband” for it is similar to what I had seen growing up. Truthfully, I got this concept in my head based on what I saw around me– women who were these AMAZING wives, but they didn’t do much else besides cook and take care of their kids so seeing that I questioned my identity. That seemed super boring because I knew deep down that I wanted to do more than that. At times, I would even find myself so upset by this idea I had conceived about how a woman’s life was to be orchestrated. Really, this left a bad taste in my mouth and for quite some time I was hesitant on even wanting to get married and have children.

It was not until college that I began to  understand I was a woman first, titles like student, daughter, and friend second. I knew I must have my own identity and I was out to figure it out. So fast forward to after college, one day the name Versatile Woman popped into my head and surely I thought– I must not be the only woman who feels insecure about their role as a woman nonetheless in the other titles and HOW we can even keep it all TOGETHER. sheesh

My journey to finding my identity has been long, but eventful.  I was blessed to become BOTH a mom AND a wife nearly at the same time. I remember just feeling so overwhelmed– I mean keeping up with life was enough and now I would have to be the home maker. Really, this time was the worst I had ever adjusted– If not at all. I was a hot mess. 

I remember attempting to keep it all together by even using affirmations like “Im Confident” to looking myself in the mirror saying “You can do this, Ash” all to still having fallen short. Don’t get me wrong, it would help, but something about it was not permenant nor solid. I still had the question boggling in my head, “Who Am I?” 

True transformation started when I started reading God’s word and started to take my relationship with Him serious. I had all these questions and since He created me, He had all the answers right? It was not until I decided to ask Him to show me the full rawness of who He is  (His love, His security, His provision AND so much more) that I started to see first who He is and Then who I am in Him. 

I asked and He delivered. He showed me that as soon as I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior I am now accepted because of what Christ did on the cross. He showed me that I am loved regardless of any mistakes I have ever made, that I am called to dominate and take over what He has given me and not the opposite and so much more that I cannot wait to share with you. 

I spent all of 2019 in complete utter quiteness. I went away from really being on social media to in His presence. I allowed Him to unroot what was not How He orchestrated me to be while learning who I am in Christ. Let me tell you, learning my Identity in God has equipped me to have God Illuminated confidence and leave the cares of the world behind.

What Can I Do for You?

I am an identity coach that is ready to serve you and bring you to the utmost best version of yourself equipped to handle all of your daily callings while experiencing peace and joy. 

I will help you learn through The Word who you are In christ and ask you challenging questions to gain self awareness to release the obstacles that keep you stuck in who you are “supposed to be” As a result you will learn to live a balanced life In Christ and become free in who God says you are and not who the world tells you you should be

As a writer, you can count on being able to always find a filling word whether it be as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and woman understanding that at times we just don’t have all the answers and need the community of others to be able to get those answered. Right away I will let you know that I believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the world and will always point you back to Him. Without Him we are weak and with Him we are strong. 

I will also help you learn that your identity is apart from your behavior and performance– though you will learn to embrace your strengths. We will acknowledge and identify your systems of self-protection without condemnation, shame, or denial and create a customized plan of action to help you unlock your potential.  

Life is about understanding your true identity  and fulfilling your purpose within the callings God has graced to you. Living an identity that is not God-rooted leads to misery, in authenticity and ultimately doesn’t feel right almost like putting on a shirt that is two sizes too small–uncomfortable and restraining–making you feel like you cannot move. 

Right off the bat, I will let you know that coaching requires your commitment and dedication to work. I will make myself available filling you with lots of encouragement and accountability. Come ready to put in your part as we partner together and let God do the rest. 

Need Advice?

Trust me, I understand that life can be overwhelming having to juggle so much and still stay afloat with your identity and confidence. Book a 1-0n-1 call with me today to start your journey to clarity to fully live your purpose!